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New software systems will help your business to improve quality, free up your key staff time or give you that competitive advantage. Diced Software creates bespoke data software solutions for businesses who have problems with the way data is gathered, accessed or shared. These problems are wide ranging and we often hear things like:

Regulation in our industry has increased dramatically and so more and more of my time is spent analysing results and completing paperwork. It can be difficult to prove to bodies like the Environment Agency that we have not breached agreed conditions 

Compliance Director

We want the business to run more efficiently to both save costs and improve the customer experience. At the moment very similar information has to be input a number of times throughout the sales process. This is time consuming and also increases the potential for errors to be made.

Operations Manager

I receive numerous reports, spreadsheets and other information on a daily basis from key project leads based around the world. The variety of formats and sheer volume of data makes it difficult for me to process quickly and to make the necessary recommendations to the board.

Commercial Director

Contact us today to see how new software could solve these problems for you.

Here at Diced we work a little differently because we understand that commissioning bespoke software, or indeed adopting any new software, is a huge decision which will have a real impact on your business. We do everything we can to aid you through the process, to understand your options and to ensure you are delighted with the end result.

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